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Custom Coffin Plaque 2

May 28

Ask and ye shall receive (AKA A lot more action)

I had a discussion with my mother a few weeks ago about this great article “A Little Less Inspiration, A Little More Action” by Tasia, The Sewaholic.  I blame my over-planning gene on my mother.  I forwarded the article to her and she laughed, agreeing that she is an extreme over-planner and I was doomed to inherit that trait.

This post is about something I’ve been contemplating for quite awhile.  I’ve been working on the idea and tons of sketches fill the pages in my design book.  But with all the things going on lately I haven’t taken the time to actually experiment with my plans or ideas.

Luckily, a recent customer asked to have her Gothic Jewelry Box Coffin personalized.  She plans to use it for her Ring Bearer to carry the rings in her upcoming wedding.  Out came my sketches and design ideas and to work I went.

I won’t say it went smoothly.  And I certainly won’t say it was easy.  However, I am pleased with how the end product turned out and hope my bride-to-be customer will be too.

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May 18

I fell in love with a Roller Derby Queen

I remember watching the Roller Derby bouts on one of the three channels we got when I was a kid.  I’ve watched the movie “Whip It” over and over.  I can’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve sung along to the lyrics by Jim Croce.  So, you can probably imagine how excited I am to be a sponsor for our local Women’s Flat Track Derby Team, the ICT Roller Girls. This Saturday, May 18, 2013 Buxom♥Bones will have a booth at the bout where you can see all my cool Gothic jewelry and gifts.  Be one of the first 25 people through the door and you will receive a free ICT Roller Girl pinback button to support our local team.


Mar 24

gIRLY gOTH Earrings Now Available

It’s been a bit of a hiatus for me in the studio.  It was beginning to feel like I’d never get back to work on my latest designs but the time is finally right.

Check out my new listings in BuxomBones on Etsy.  You’ll see the new line up of gIRLY gOTH earrings.  I really don’t know what I enjoy more, making them for others or making them to wear myself! Stay tuned for more colors and designs…

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Sep 13

Two NEW Collections Debut at the Fall Red Barn Outdoor Market – Part I: Sugar Skulls

I can’t express how excited I am to have the first of these two new collection ready to make their debuts this Saturday at the Fall Red Barn Outdoor Market in Benton, KS.  I’ve been working like crazy (what’s new?) on getting these two new lines ready to go for the fall season and what better time to release them than at my first fall event?

The first new line is a collection of Sugar Skull Brooches.  Each brooch is made entirely by hand and although some may use similar colors or designs each one is completely unique unto itself.  I’m posting a single brooch on my Etsy site today but the rest of the brooches will be making the trip to Benton for your perusal and purchase this weekend.  They are a perfect tiny taste of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos to add to any outfit!


Stay tuned to learn more tomorrow about the gIRLY gOTH collection!

VooDoo Dolly Brooch

Sep 05

Who do? We do voodoo! Miniature Voodoo Doll Brooch

As you know from my bio I’ve been interested in the bayou and deep south from my childhood reading.  One of my favorite songs that I listened to over and over from from that era was “Marie Laveau” by Dr. Hook.  It got me interested in learning more about Marie, the Witch Queen and the Big Easy.

Several years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to New Orleans for work.  During my time away from work I visited a number of local places and hit all the “tourist trap” voodoo shops.  I was so excited to get to go on one of the cemetery tours.  The morning of the tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 was dark and rainy, setting the perfect mood for the tour.  I took a ton of photos and as I stood before Marie Laveau’s tomb I made my mark as is the tradition.


Tomb of Marie Laveau


In honor of my fascination with Marie and her life I’ve designed a small felt Voodoo doll brooch.  The brooch is so cute and adorable I’m finding it difficult to part with them.  Visit my Etsy shop to see more details about the dollies.


VooDoo Dolly Brooch


Aug 24

More Locations…

I am so pleased to announce that you can now find the cool Gothic items by Buxom♥Bones in even more locations.  Be sure to check out all my dark goodies at the Wichita City Arts gallery.

While you’re there be sure to check out the super bright and incredibly awesome artwork of Jami Moore.

To make it easier to see my items in person I’ve created a new “Where to Buy” page on the blog that lists where my products can be found locally as well as a list of upcoming events where Buxom♥Bones will have a booth.  As always, you can see any of my Gothic jewelry or gifts at Buxom♥Bones website.


Aug 06

International Girl Gone Local!!!

It’s true.  Es verdad.

I’ve happily been shipping my little coffin jewelry boxes all over the world for the past three years.  Today I am very pleased to announce they are now available locally.  The coffin jewelry boxes and a selection of jewelry by Buxom?Bones is now being featured at Dos Fridas right here in Wichita, Kansas.

Dos Fridas is located in the Nomar International District at 21st and Broadway in the extremely cool pie shaped building on the Southeast corner.  It is owned and operated by Lolly Hernandez and offers a wide variety of imports including pottery, wrought iron, tile, folkart, glassware, Dia de los Muertos items, and Sugar Skull classes.   Their mission is to provide a positive and fun experience about Culture, Art and Food.  Visit Dos Fridas facebook page to learn more.


Dos Fridas


Jul 31

My little dark corner of the world…

I’ve attended or worked various fairs in the years past but this weekend was my first experience with having a booth at a craft fair.  The temperatures outside were ridiculous so it was great to be indoors.

My mom and I shared a booth and we’ve been working the last few weeks to get our tables and displays ready.  I’m pretty pleased with how my banners turned out but I think they might draw more attention if they were hanging above the tables.

We’ll be back for the November 10th, 2012 Craftapalooza Fair in just a few short months.  See you then!

Jun 11

The Z O M B I E S are here!

They’ve been in my sketch book for what seems like forever.  They’ve been on my workbench in parts and pieces for what seems like ages.  Which of course is appropriate for Zombies, but they’ve finally got their act together.

The Z O M B I E S are finally here.  Nom-nom…

Check out my newest jewelry – a Zombie End Times Necklace and Keychain, plus some super cool Zombie buttons.  Please drop by and visit my Etsy shop to check out the new Zombie stuff (  And while you’re there check out my other cool Gothic stuff!


May 10

Newest Collection: Gunmetal Skulls

The moment I saw these little skulls I was enthralled with them.  I’ve seen them in gold and silver but the newer gunmetal just called out to me to make something from them.  And so I have!  I’ve been busy with learning new chainmaille patterns and wanted to combine the two elements.  I created four new items and just listed them – more are sure to come!  Click the image to see the listings.