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Visiting the tomb of Marie Laveau in New Orleans (Saint Louis Cemetery #1)

The tomb of Marie Laveau

Welcome to Buxom♥Bones! Deliciously deviant and ever so slightly sinister; offering Gothic gifts and jewelry with a twist to suit your most morbid mood.

My love of all things dark and spooky began with me at age nine swiping a copy of “Interview with a Vampire”, by Anne Rice, from my father’s book stash.  My mother declaring it too mature for me to read made it all the more enticing.

My dream wardrobe is Abigail (Abby) Sciuto’s from NCIS.  Unfortunately, it can be hard in the mid-west to find exactly what you’re looking for.   It’s tough to be “dark” in a state where we have more sunny days than they do in the “Sunshine” state – we average a sunny 225/365 days per year here in Kansas to be exact.  Yes, you heard me right, KANSAS.  Are there actually dark children in Kansas you ask?  You bet your favorite black nail polish there are!

So, what’s a dark and twisted girl to do? Well this girl was raised by a mom and dad to believe that she could be and do anything she wanted, so that’s exactly what I did. I began making my own Gothic jewelry and accessories.

I specialize in coffin jewelry boxes. My miniature coffins are perfect for proposing to your darkest love or showing that special someone you are eternally theirs’. The mini coffins are also perfect as a Gothic alternative to the normal pillow used by ring bearers in traditional weddings.

I invite you to browse the items I have listed in my Etsy shop and encourage you to request a custom miniature coffin jewelry box if you don’t find one that suits your style.

The name?  Well that came from the fact that all the women in my family are “big boned.”  Thus the name, Buxom♥Bones.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel.”
– Melissa Etheridge


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