Sep 02

S-p-o-o-k-y Business Cards

As a craftsperson I’m a big believer in buying local but I’ll admit it’s getting harder and harder to find a printing company that prints locally. It seems most of them take your order and then place it with some far-away, bigger print shop. It’s a fact of life.

Two years ago I ordered some mini cards from an on-line company. I absolutely loved them. The printing company allowed me to upload a selection of my product images and create cards with not just one photo, but with a variety of different photos.

Whenever people inquired about my business or products I could give them a business card that perfectly suited their interest. It was fun and I got a great response not only to my product line but to my cards as well. As I began to prepare for the busy season it was time to place another order, but alas the company I purchased them from has gone out of business.

A bit deflated, I was kind of resigned to either paying a lot more for similar cards or going back to printing them myself. As a consumer who loves alternative products or as a craftsperson taking a regular everyday product and turning it into something a bit alternative I was elated when I found something on-line I couldn’t resist.

While working on the design I saw a few companies offering business cards cut into specific shapes. Oh sure, most of them were rectangles, but that’s not the shape I’m referring to. :)

The printing companies refer to the shape I ordered as “half-circle”. Basically that means I ordered a card that is a rectangle with rounded corners on one end. What’s so special about that? Well in my mind the shape looks just like a gravestone when it’s turned on its side.

Bwhahaha. A gravestone shaped business card. What more could I possibly ask for?

All of the sudden my new card design became quite clear in my mind. A tombstone shaped business card for business that makes and sells coffin shaped jewelry boxes – a match made in heaven (yeah, well you know what I mean).

Here’s a quick peek at the finished product. I totally love them and hope you will too!

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