May 28

Ask and ye shall receive (AKA A lot more action)

I had a discussion with my mother a few weeks ago about this great article “A Little Less Inspiration, A Little More Action” by Tasia, The Sewaholic.  I blame my over-planning gene on my mother.  I forwarded the article to her and she laughed, agreeing that she is an extreme over-planner and I was doomed to inherit that trait.

This post is about something I’ve been contemplating for quite awhile.  I’ve been working on the idea and tons of sketches fill the pages in my design book.  But with all the things going on lately I haven’t taken the time to actually experiment with my plans or ideas.

Luckily, a recent customer asked to have her Gothic Jewelry Box Coffin personalized.  She plans to use it for her Ring Bearer to carry the rings in her upcoming wedding.  Out came my sketches and design ideas and to work I went.

I won’t say it went smoothly.  And I certainly won’t say it was easy.  However, I am pleased with how the end product turned out and hope my bride-to-be customer will be too.

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